Paisyatskiy license block

Paisyatskiy license block

Information on the license Paisyatskiylicense block(СЛХ02491 НР)
Conferred rights Exploration and production
Expiry date 01.11.2025
Area 500.4 km²
Residual reservesand resources on 01.01.2019 (geological and extractable) Oil:

39345/7868(C1+C2) ths.t.


2968/2745(C1+C2) mln.m³

Condensate:1203/676 (C1+C2) ths.t
Distance to the pipeline Oil pipeline – 90 km
  • At the license block there are 5 perspective objects in Jurassic sediments and Early Cretaceous deposits
  • Program of seismic exploration with the purpose of exploration drilling operation