Yury Dorokhov

Yury is an expert in the development of oil fields, including the application of fire flooding methods. He holds a PhD in oil and gas since 1982 and has over 40 years of professional experience.

He began his career in the Russian Research Institute of Oil having the position of leading researcher. He led a group of experts and together they were responsible for the execution of the comprehensive program of development of the large Karazhanbas oil field with thermal methods.
During his work in the Russian oil service group Petroalliance he was involved in the development of the programs of geological and technical measures of the oil wells stock of LUKOIL, including the selection of wells for intensification techniques, development of technology of repair.

He was the head of Petroalliance oil wells work over crew using his own methods of the insulation and reduction of water content, sidetracking and hydraulic fracturing followed by the operational support and monitoring wells after the treatment performance. Yury was the head of the expert teams during the execution of the industrial expertise of more than 70 oil production assets and projects for the maintenance of the oil fields development in the Komi Republic of Russia and Western Siberia.