Dmitry Kamyshev

Dmitry is an experienced professional with a track record of establishing and running exploration and production, logistics and trading companies in oil and petroleum industries in Russia. He is one of the founders of a London AIM listed company Zoltav Resources with oil and gas producing assets in Russia. Under his control, the company made acquisitions from Gazpromneft and a further appraisal of the large Koltogorskoye oil field in the Khanti-Mansiysk Region; acquisition of Saratov based oil and gas producer — the largest independent gas producer in Saratov Oblast of Russia. Dmitry was responsible for the operation of the company since its first reverse takeover and admission on AIM from early 2013 until Feb 2015. Before that he was responsible for developing a commodity structuring desk in Russia for Barclays Capital plc.

His recent executive positions include the First Vice President and CFO of OJCS «Transnefteproduct» — Russian petroleum product pipeline operator, responsible for the strategy and running the company during the turbulent 2008 — 2009 financial crisis and a merger with OJCS «Transneft». Prior to joining «Transnefteproduct», Dmitry had experience in investing and managing companies in the natural resource sector of Russia, primarily in oil and gas. He has a broad experience of working with international financial institutions and domestic Russian banks.