Andrey Rudnitsky

Andrey is an oil engineer with 20 years experience in foreign and Russian companies. He is a successor of the oil and gas engineers dynasty and a professional in the field of enhanced oil recovery. He began his career in Halliburton and participated in the implementation of various formation-fracturing projects in horizontal wells of Samotlor, Koshilskoe, Tarasovskoye, Komsomolskoye and other oil fields. He held the record for the highest volume pumped proppant fracturing and the first hydraulic fracturing of a formation using fracture height control technology in the Samotlor oil field.

Andrey has gained leadership skills working for one of the Russian majors — Slavneft Oil Company, where he participated in projects on the use of soluble balls during multistage hydraulic fracturing «Mongoose» project, the nitrogen hydraulic fracturing project, hydraulic fracturing project with using tracers and 8 stages multistage hydraulic fracturing project. He was also the head of the coordination department and worked with the company contractors. Andrey has organized bidding and procurement campaigns and developed strategies for Slavneft in implementation of hydraulic fracturing technologies. He has a certificate of recognition received from the management of the company. He is also a member of the Petroleum Engineers Society and has numerous publications.