Ageing Fields

Cen Geo can provide the technology and financial solutions to facilitate a high performance for in-field drilling and well completion techniques to all oil and gas fields in a later phase of their development. Based on our study of some regional fields we estimate that a 20-30% immediate increase in production can be achieved during the first year without affecting the recovery rate of the field. We have in house capabilities to establish a comprehensive reservoir monitoring program resulting in the next phase of the development of selected oil and gas fields to achieve higher recovery rates, maintain performance of the existing wells and extend the field life by many decades.

On the international markets Cen Geo is seeking to negotiate the preferred contractor agreement to be paid through a share of the oil production. Together with partners we have the sufficient capacity to execute an agreed program and are able to mobilize to the field within months after the contract agreement being reached and signed. We are prepared to collaborate with local contractors so that the local industry will benefit through the supply of services, potentially for 100-200 wells. The State will benefit from an increased production, without needing capital, thereby increasing oil revenue for the State and local Government.