Palnikovskiy license block

Palnikovskiy license block

Information on the license Palnikovskiy license block (СЛХ 02520 НР)
Conferred rights Exploration and production
Expiry date 13.12.2025
Area 3049.6 km²
Residual reservesand resources on 01.01.2019 (geological and extractable) Oil:

367485/73172(С1+С2); 804092/142054 (Д0) ths.t.



Distance to the pipeline Pipeline at the block
  • Seismic 3D– 536 km²;
  • Seismic 2D – 2142;
  • Drilled – 8 production wells., 4 explorational;
  • Vertical seismic profile – 2 wells;
  • Palnikovskoye oil field at the stage of trial production;
  • Drilling of exploration well, growth of reserves of industrial categories;
  • At Palnikovskoye oil field pilot project at well cluster №72.