Cen Geo was established in 2013 with the participation of the Russian-based Leader Group and Partners to invest and operate in the Russian and CIS oil and gas sector. Leader Group is a development company — one of the top 10 property developers in Russia. Since 1996 it has had most of its projects realized in Russia — property, roads, bridges, logistic terminals. In 2010 Leader Group set up a division with a purpose to invest and operate in the energy sector which later resulted in establishing Cen Geo.

In 2015 Cen Geo became a 100% shareholder in JSC Tekhneftinvest, a Russian oil upstream company controlling a large reserve base in the Western Siberian basin. The company is dedicated to exploration, field developments, workover and production of hydrocarbons in the Western Siberian Basin of Russia.

In 2017 Cen Geo became a 100% shareholder in LLC Noyabrskoye, a Russian oil upstream and downstream company controlling a serious base in the Western Siberian basin (Western-Noyabrskoye and South-Noyabrskoye oil fields).

Our Russian based group of companies together with its management team have more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector: exploration, production, brown field re-vitalization, oil refinery and petrochemical production; oil and gas trading, storage, logistics and the construction of oil terminals. Some of our projects have been successfully listed on NASDAQ and the London AIM as the single biggest private gas producing company in Ukraine and a strong independent oil and gas producer in Russia.

The world’s best contractors have been engaged in our projects on contractual or farm in basis. The geography of our experience spreads from emerging and special situation markets to mature markets with established legal and regulation frameworks: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, Africa, Vietnam, Mongolia, Baltic States and North America.