About Us

Leader Group is a development company — one of the top 10 property developers in Russia. Since 1987 most of its projects have been realized in Russia — property, roads, bridges, logistic terminals. In 2010 we established a division with a purpose to invest and operate in the energy sector. Our dedicated team managed some of the first oil and gas projects undertaken by Western companies in Russia. As a result of the long market presence we have secured valuable partnerships across all aspects of the crude oil production chain from exploration and licensing to trade and finance with:

  • major oil companies and individuals in Russia and CIS;
  • international majors;
  • engineering and EPC companies and technology licensors;
  • global commodity traders;
  • banks and private equity sources of capital.

Having our main operation established in Russia, we currently working with:

  • Kurdistan Regional Government envisaging number of upstream project for potential joint activity;
  • founders in oil refinery project in Vietnam and gas logistic in Mongolia.